A guide to DocuSign Salesforce integration and its benefits (2023)

Today it is in the world of digital signaturesDocuSignis the main providerDigital signaturesand approvals that let you submit contracts and agreements to all your signers that require digital signatures.

It is a reliable way for electronicssign documentsIncontractsfrom almost anywhere in the world with any device. Salesforce, on the other hand, is a well-known Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that streamlines sales and marketing processes.

in addition toto maintainyour database and providing relevant feedback and ideas helps your marketing team collect, capture, store, sort and evaluatecritical customer data.

Let's now theSalesforce and DocuSign integrationprocess and how it benefits you. Let's not keep you waiting too long.

Salesforce DocuSign integrationit helps close more deals, increase productivity and reduce paper waste, all of which save time. You can quickly access information fromSalesforce objectssuch as Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity, etc. using this platform.

Moreover, it creates a connection between youSalesforce-accountInDocuSignso that changes to the recipient status and DocuSign folder are updated in your Salesforce account.

DocuSign Salesforce Integrationenables you to quickly and securely close any deal for your business. It allows you to use the cloud platform to access your data from anywhere in the world.

DoorDocuSign Integrationeven the most complex workflows can be automated more quickly, accelerating the growth of your business.

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1 Understand the Salesforce DocuSign integration process

1.1 1) DocuSign Salesforce integration using API

1.2 2) Steps to Set Up DocuSign Salesforce Integration Using OAuth

2 Why integrate DocuSign with Salesforce?

2.1 1) Improved Customer Experience

2.2 2) Reduction of operating costs

2.3 3) Speed ​​up processing times

2.4 4) Improved efficiency and accuracy

2.5 5) Safer option with less paper waste

3 Why use DocuSign?

4 Salesforce DocuSign License Fee

5 Some tips for better integration that require your attention

6. Conclusion

7 Frequently Asked Questions (Frequently Asked Questions)

Understand the Salesforce DocuSign integration process

1) DocuSign Salesforce integration using API

DocuSignis a digital signature provider that helps shorten sales cycle times, increase close rates, increase productivity and minimize paper waste.

This process can be applied to all your papers, including introductions and other documents. Instead of signing your documents manually, you can use the Salesforce API to digitally sign them.

Steps to Integrate Salesforce with DocuSign

1)Go to SalesforceAppExchange.

2)I'm looking forDocuSign.

3)Install the app by clicking “Despite now" knob.

4)Create your account and configure it.

You must follow each of these steps, now let's discuss them in detail:

1)Connect toDocuSign

2)Click on yoursportrait(icon) in the top right corner and select“Go to Manage.'

3)In theIntegrations sectionClick in the left panelI'm connecting.

4)To access yourSales team, I connect-connectConfiguration, Click here.

5)To electNew Object > Salesforce Objectby scrolling down.

6)Name and describe your new object.

7)In your case, select Salesforce Object:Contracts.

8)Choose where -salesforce.com-domein:Identity of contracts(in itDocuSign-veld:File foreign contracts.

9)Check AttachDocuSign-documentendoos.

10)Select the desired file name type and content, and then select the Only complete document check box.

11)If you want, check the box to include itDocuSign Certificate.

12) Reddenyour new item.

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2) Steps to set up DocuSign Salesforce integration using OAuth

The following steps must be taken to complete the DocuSign Salesforce integration:

Step 1) Configure DocuSign in Salesforce

You can download itDocuSign-appvanSalesforce AppExchangeand set up your account. click onDocuSign tabin uw Salesforce-account.

  • Connect toSales teamlike aadministrator.
  • Choose itStart Salesforce-appsgrid and click on it.
  • Select Show all from the drop-down menu.
  • Find and clickDocuSign eSignaturebrick.
  • Choose itDocuSignAdmin tab in the menu at the top of the page.
  • click onDocuSigntab after you navigate to it. A new tab will appear with your linked DocuSign account.

Step 2) DocuSign Salesforce integration using OAuth

click onInstitutionslink at the topDocuSign-accountpagina.

Choose itI'm connectingoption from the Inclusions heading in the left navigation bar. Select the "Add configurationbutton. Select Salesforce from the drop-down menu.

The icon forSalesforce Connectwill now appear.

Now perform the following steps:

  • Select itOAuth-radioknob.
  • Select OAuthI'm connectingknob.
  • Select itSalesforce-SOAPWeb Services API version you want from the drop-down menu.
  • The Salesforce environmentt: Choose between URL, Production and Test.
  • You must provide your OAuth access token here.
  • Select the Connect option.

you did it successfullyintegrated Salesforce and DocuSign. OfDocuSign and Salesforce integrationuses OAuth. Salesforce usernames and passwords do not change and cannot be deleted, so the connection is secure.

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Why integrate DocuSign with Salesforce?

DocuSign eSignaturefor Salesforce was created to maximize its capabilitiesSalesforce investmentfor small to growing businesses, supporting sales teams through all phases of their sales cycle.

You can quickly extract data from a varietySalesforce objects, including Lead, Account, Opportunity, Contact and more, using the Salesforce interface with DocuSign.

Some of the main benefits of this integration are:

A guide to DocuSign Salesforce integration and its benefits (1)

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1) Improved customer experience

Your company can deliver a more complete, enhanced customer experience with the security, accuracy, and efficiency of the Salesforce integration with DocuSign.

Your customers would like the opportunity to work with more innovative solution providers. With this integration, they could sign the documents from anywhere and on any type of device. Your customers don't have to wait as long for offers and don't risk their safety.

2) Reduction of operating costs

It allows you to effortlessly control your financial expensesSales teamInDocuSignbecause everything is digital and in the cloud.

The costs that employees would have to incur to process and track documents are avoided.

As a result, you can use your money to invest in areas of your business that provide a higher return on investment. The marginal costs for printing, faxing, sending and printing are also kept under control.

3) Speed ​​up processing times

You can quickly reduce customer deal processing time to hours or even minutesDocuSign Salesforce Integration.

Workflow automation increases your employees' productivity because they never have to leave Salesforce.

4) Improved efficiency and accuracy

The process of adding a signature is now faster, easier and error-free. There will be little to no errors because theSalesforce integration with DocuSignautomates the processes for developing and signing agreements.

The chance of avoidable errors is much higher when employees perform these laborious tasks manually.

The whole paperwork process is accurate. It becomes easy to combine the data from each of the Salesforce objects in the agreement.

5) Safer option with less paper waste

The workflow and system are automated, making the process safe and compliant with legislation. Another advantage of this is that you can drastically minimize paper waste by digitizing contractsSalesforce and DocuSignkoppel.

By going digital and reducing your reliance on paper, you can contribute more to environmentally friendly business practices.

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Why use DocuSign?

  • DocuSignallows us to leverage Salesforce Fields (merge) by allowing us to drag and drop data fields into critical documents. No programming expertise is required, reducing operational costs.
  • DocuSign makes it easy and efficient to get everything online and reduce the administrative burden.
  • With DocuSign for Salesforce, users can create agreements in the cloud and resend them to all signers for acceptance. Users always know what has changed, when it has changed and who has left, as all changes are tracked throughout the process.
  • Regardless of time, location, distance or even device, you can send and receive documents securely and efficiently.
  • DocuSign eliminates the need for paper, ink, printing, faxing and mailing, and 100% accurate and secure transactions. It also limits the team's processing and tracking of documents. Both Salesforce and legacy systems track transaction details.
  • In addition, it offers single sign-on functionality, eliminating the need for users to remember and manage multiple passwords by connecting them directly to DocuSign with their current Salesforce username and password.
  • There is no chance of losing the documents you send as they are stored in the cloud. They are always present in the cloud, safe and in the right place.

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Salesforce DocuSign License Fee

The value of oneSalesforce and DocuSign licenseit varies by version, the tools and features it offers.

1)Personal($10 per user per month): Includes basic fields and basic single user version.

2)Role model($25 per user per month): This version is for up to 5 users with reminders and notifications, mobile app capabilities, custom branding, and more.

3)Pro($40 per user per month): This includes bulk messages, complex fields, payment collection, signer attachments, etc.

HoiocuSign Salesforce integrationThe cost includes the price of the license and the services of the development team.

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A few tips for better integration that require your attention

The following five key considerations will help you plan the best DocuSign and Salesforce integration.

A guide to DocuSign Salesforce integration and its benefits (2)

1) Make sure you understand the customer journey you want to create

You should be clear from the start about what you are trying to achieve.

2) Always consider the experience of your employees

Find out how to make the most of onboarding so employees can get the most out of it.

3) Inform others about the implementation

Internal and external communication is essential. This helps with change management.

4) You have a trusted partner

Have a project manager who can be present and make changes quickly, such as an external expert.

5) Create and update your roadmap

Take the time to really understand the technology roadmap.

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This comprehensive guide provided information aboutDocuSign and Salesforce integration. For most companies it is an advantageSalesforce DocuSign integrationit is obvious. DocuSign is an easy-to-use digital transaction management solution that makes exchanging and signing electronically signed documents in the cloud simple, secure and efficient. You can automate this process directly in your CRM.

Synchronizing data can be time consuming even after thatDocuSign Salesforce Integration. To set up DocuSign Salesforce Integration for such processes, users/company groups must have itSalesforce-accountand granting the necessary permits. Connect toexpertswho can help you with this is recommended. Best!

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Frequently Asked Questions (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) What is Salesforce DocuSign Integration?

A platform known as the DocuSign Salesforce Integration allows Salesforce users to create and deliver documents so that they can be digitally signed by the individuals involved. It combines an electronic signature platform (DocuSign) and an enterprise CRM platform (Salesforce).
In addition to helping users get their Salesforce signatures digitally, the integrated platform helps users shorten sales cycles and close deals much faster because there's no time-consuming paperwork.

2) What languages ​​does DocuSign Salesforce support?

11 native languages, including Mandarin (Simplified), Dutch, Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian, are supported by the DocuSign Salesforce interface. In addition, the built-in platform features a browser-like signature experience in 44 languages.

3) Are e-signatures legal and safe ways to sign documents?

Yes, electronic signatures are secure, legally binding and used in most international business transactions. DocuSign's primary concern is keeping your data secure. Strict security standards are followed to ensure the privacy, availability, authenticity and enforcement of your transactions with DocuSign.

4) How do we create an account with DocuSign?

It's simple, based on your requirements. With a free account, you can sign electronic documents for free anywhere, on virtually any device.
In addition, you can distribute up to three documents for signature. DocuSign offers a variety of options to meet any business need, whether you want to send more than three documents for signature or are interested in other premium features.

A guide to DocuSign Salesforce integration and its benefits (3)

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